Thursday, May 15, 2014

NJSBA CONVENTION DAY 1 Finding Meaning in the Practice: How to Assure Success and Significance in Cynical Times

Professor Prof.  Paula Franzese Professor of Law, Seton Hall University School of Law
presented at the seminar on finding meaning in the practice of law, the importance of being cordial, colleagal and ethical. Professor Franzese has a new book published titled the Short Happy Guide to Being a Law Student.
Professor Paula Franzese speaks to the audience about assuring success in the practice of law.

The program presents the predicates to assuring success and significance in the practice of law. Beginning with a return to first principles, the lecture will examine the core components of integrity-driven leadership so that what attorneys do can be reliably consistent with standards of professionalism. Prof. Franzese, drawing on lessons learned during her tenure as Special Ethics Counsel to New Jersey Gov. Richard J. Codey and then as chair of the State Ethics Commission, examines best practices in furtherance of the public trust. Providing an answer to the cyncism of our time, the program issues a call to service as it encourages practitioners to remain mindful of their power and responsibility.

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