Thursday, May 15, 2014

NJSBA CONVENTION DAY TWO: Using Improv to Enhance Persuasion and Presentation Skills In and Out of the Courtroom

This seminar was about using the tools of improvisation to develop and improve techniques for  lawyers. Topics covered were, the essential skills of observation, concentration and listening; trusting and using the spontaneity within each of us, building confidence and effectiveness; fighting for an objective; cooperation and collaboration and learning to accept the ideas of others while holding on to your own. Many different story telling activities involved the participants to get up on their feet and
act out various different exercises and utilize techniques discussed.
It was a lively workshop, and lots of fun.
Below are some examples.
Members of the audience were picked for various exercises, this one about "Urgent Need". One participant was to keep focused and say the alphabet out loud over and over, and the other without touching that person was to distract them from their focus.

This exercise was about thinking on your feet, and describing an imaginary tale, subject matter given by the moderator.
Urgent Need Exercise

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